Saturday, 14 November 2009

Stour Valley, Essex/Suffolk

Bio-region: pop. 7,434
Timeline: Started February ‘09

Transition Valley had their first meeting on the snowiest
evening of the year when 9 people turned up resiliently
to start this burgeoning initiative. They have recently
branched out from their core group and started Communications
and Heart and Soul groups. The Communications group have founded
a very active blog, while the Heart and Soul group is concentrating
on engaging with the slower and steadier pace of Transition.

One of their most successful events has been the Great Food
Swap which formed part of the local Beach Bash.
Swaps are now part of their repertoire (even the groups’
children are organising their own toy swap). They show regular
films, such as Power of Community and In Transition, and have
recently been awarded funding from the Dedham Vale AONB for
a series of workshops called Reskilling the Valley.

At the heart of the initiative, like Transition itself, is the practice
of Permaculture. A permaculture course is presently being run
by horticulturalist Marina O’Connell, one of the core members.
Transition Valley are also presently working with a local primary
school to become a Transition School.

Plums from Fruit Picking Day, Sept 21 09

Contact Person:
Mark O’Connell
Tel: (01206) 230 425

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