Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ely, Cambridgeshire

City: pop. 15,000
Timeline: Started June '08, became official October '08

Transition Ely “started from scratch” in a city that traditionally
has little grassroots activity apart from the Green Party. They
have interacted with the city using “the gradual coaxing
approach”, talking with groups such as the Rotary Club and the
Ely Society, and taking an active part in local events such as
Apple Day (where one of the core group, a yurt builder, erected a
yurt and held workshops). TE now enjoy a friendly relationship
with the Farmer’s Market and have hosted The Age of Stupid
and The Power of Community in their local cinema.

Last month TE held a successful Local Food Conference with
speakers Ben Reynolds from Sustain and local farmer, Ken
Kelso. It was opened by the deputy mayor and local MP James Paice,
the Shadow Sectretary for Agriculture. Core to the event was an
open space where the participants talked about what was needed
in the area, and in the future the group plan to launch several
food projects on the back of this event. They would also like to
strengthen their core group and build up their contacts.

Contact Person:
Martin Black

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