Saturday, 14 November 2009

Framlingham, Suffolk

Market town and surrounding villages: pop. 2700/7500
Timeline: Started June ’08, official October ‘08.

Greener Fram was already up and running as a group before it
decided to adopt the Transition structure. Like Sustainable
Bungay, GF were inspired by the Climate Change conference in
Bungay in 2007. They have a core group of 12 people (four of
whom have done the Transition training) and strong affiliations
with local food networks. Says organiser David Price: “In this
shift into becoming a Transition initiative, Greener Fram are
very keen to identify our objectives and move forward, what they
are and how to achieve them.”

So far GF have put on a series of events: a screening of Power of
and talks on Local Food and Transition and Car
Clubs (by local car-share initiative Wombat) and taken a stall to
local events. They are presently engaged in a solar-panel bulk
buy and free insulation project, funded by Suffolk Coastal
Council and organising a Greener Saturday, showing the
Story of Stuff, Inside Out and In Transition on 28 November.

In the future Greener Fram are planning a second series of films
including End of Suburbia and a second showing of Power of
. They are also setting up a talk for next March with
David Strahan, leading peak oil expert and author of The Last
Oil Shock

The high point of the past year was Greener Fram being presented with two Greenest County Awards one for Communications and the other for our ‘Events and activities’. We have endeavoured to improve our communications this year by upgrading our website, writing regular Framfare articles (local monthly mag) and making new links with our Town council, County council groups and the surrounding villages, establishing Greener Fram as a transition group and giving talks in school assemblies and village meetings.

Apart from successful events we have also this year organised two DIY insulation schemes in partnership with SCDC and completed a Solar hot water panel bulk buy. Over the last few months we have started a food group and instigated a Community gardening project in partnership with Framlingham College. Many of our later events have been in cooperation with other organisations. We have had training on permaculture and transition towns.
The core group, which have organised and promoted the events and activities, started the year as twelve is now down to seven. We now urgently need new people to join the core group, to bring new ideas and to share the exciting times ahead.

Contact Person: David Greenacre
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