Saturday, 14 November 2009

St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Market town: pop. 26,390
Timeline: Started February ‘09

Transition St Neots had a lively first meeting in which ten people
came forward to be involved in setting up an initiative. The
group then dwindled in subsequent meetings and now consists
of three people connected though home education. The town of
St.Neots lacks an alternative infrastructure or grassroots activity,
though there was once a thriving Letts group and Green Fair (the
original woman behind these initiatives, now 80, has been very
supportive of TSN). “There is a lot of me-thinking and not much
sense of community,” reports would-be Transitioner Sarah
Newton, so the kind of time and energy required to move
forward is quite high. The group are hoping to connect with
nearby Huntingdon who have recently shown The Age of Stupid)
and would be happy to hear from anyone in the area who would
like to get involved.

Contact Person:
Sarah Newton
Tel: (01480) 211 989

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