Saturday, 14 November 2009

Halesworth, Suffolk

Market town and surrounding villages: pop. 6000
Timeline: Started June ’09, became official September ‘09.

Transition Halesworth are very much at the planning stage of their initiative and have deliberately so far kept all their actives in-house. They have a core group of 9 people with a support group of about 20. In this preparation period they have shown Power of Community and run a series of workshops (with food sharing) on eco-systems and visioning. Several of the group have also done the Transition Training.

TH are planning to show The Age of Stupid to their support group as a run-up to showing the film in public with a Q&A and have set up talks to the Town Council, local WI and the Halesworth Business Group and are working on a leaflet to distribute in town.

Transition Halesworth at the local Library upcycling used materials into zero-waste shopping bags

Website: none at present
Contact Person: Linda Owen

Tel: 01986 875323

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