Saturday, 14 November 2009

Mersea Island, Essex

Bio-region: pop. 7,000
Timeline: Started October ’08,
became official May ‘09

Transition Island Mersea have had several successful events but, like several other initiatives, a mixed reception to date. After finding some islanders resistant to the Transition “brand” and the idea of another group telling them how to live their lives the initiative decided to go “Transition light” and use its cohesive nature to facilitate greater working relationships between everyone. Mersea has 120 community groups and Transition has served to bring many of these into awareness of each other and work in collaboration.

In 2008 TIM ran a series of films in the two parts of the island and an Open Space session in which the community defined particular areas they wished to concentrate on. They also facilitated a partnership between the Co-op and the local primary school.

This summer the first Mersea Island Food, Drink and Leisure Festival was run along Transition lines and included a children’s marquee, food stands and local oystermen, farriers and beekeepers. In summer the numbers on the island swell to 20,000 and time becomes a rare commodity for most committee members (numbering 6) who already have other communıty commitments. Key member, Beverley Perkins reports that the main challenges are now enabling those outside the committee to lead specific areas or projects and maintaining momentum.

TIM are working towards creating a Skills Sharing and Growing project with the recently secured allotments. A base will provide tools as well as a place in which to interact, share food and seeds and pass on the kitchen and garden knowledge of generations.

Contact person:
Beveley Perkins
Tel: (01206) 382572
Website: none at present

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