Saturday 14 November 2009

Lavenham, Suffolk

Village: pop. 1,750

Timeline: started March ‘08

Transition Lavenham is unusually a community company. They
have a core group of 8 people (4 very active), some of whom are
also on the Parish and District County Council. Their main focus
of attention has been to get the village involved in community
projects to generate local energy sources, including incentives
for solar panels and insulation.

One of the key provisions Transition can offer communities is
that of synthesis. In Lavenham many groups have reached a
plateau and TL find that by encouraging people to get involved
with the Transition energy project, they also promote other
activities and groups at the same time.
Next spring TL are conducting a Village Appraisal in
collaboration with the Energy Savings Trust. A former village
survey had a successful return rate of 60-70% (which catalysed the
new Village Hall where none existed and a community bus). It
was found that the survey worked because people spent time
knocking on doors and interacting with people.

Other activities include planting of apple, pear and plum trees
around the church, holding a stall at the local Farmer’s Market
and showing The Age of Stupid, where in spite of terrible
weather (!) 70 people turned up. TL are also working towards a
landshare. Recently they have been given a £5000 grant by the
Suffolk Foundation to get the initiative off the ground.
Contact Person: Carol Reeve
Tel: (01787) 247 674

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