Friday 16 March 2012

DOWNHAM MARKET: Overcoming Impossibilism - A Year Long Conference -March 16

We invite you to join a series of conversations to explore creative, locally-led solutions to the multiple global economic, social and political issues of our time and support us in identifying sustainable and creative responses.

Engaged optimism is the best frame of mind to face the global challenges of the future (Rob Hopkins)
Greater wealth has not necessarily created greater happiness. With the economy contracting, resources depleting and increasing ecological instability, where do we go from here? Resilience is that ability to recover from knocks, to make more out of what we have, and to build strength through interdependence in the community and with the environment in which we live. This conversation series is part of the ongoing work of Downham and Villages in Transition, and the wider transition network, to encourage community-led responses that build resilience.

The series was opened by The Age of Stupid producer and climate activist, Lizzie Gillatt and further speakers will include Dan Vockins, former campagin manager of 10:10 and now nef's Great Transition co-ordinator, James Meadway, senior economist at nef, Peter Melchett, policy director of The Soil Association.

Join us for our second conversation led by Chartered Environmentalist, engineer and commentator on Peak Oil Chris Jones on March 16.

We’ve grown accustomed to an ever-widening range and complexity of technological solutions. But as well as constraints on carbon emissions, we will very soon need to face up to declining production of oil, later coal and then gas. The need to replace fossil fuels is urgent. What can we do locally?

Downham Market Town Hall Friday 16th March Bar Room, 6.45 for 7.30pm start Open to all, refreshments available