Saturday 14 November 2009

Dereham, Norfolk

Market town: pop. 18,000
Timeline: Started in May ’08.

Matt Walker began promoting the Transition idea around Dereham with a blog and the first of several letters to the local newspaper about Peak Oil. TD has shown The End of Suburbia twice locally: first in the town in May 09 and later to a gathering of young adults near Mattishall in July. But despite some interest a core group has yet to form.

Each Transition initiative is helped or hindered by the place in which it arises. Dereham lacks the kind of social infrastructure that makes it easy for Transition to spark off. Everywhere has its challenges. However Transition is based on a market town with a tradition of alternative and future ways of thinking and strong connections with its hinterland. Dereham, though it is a market town, has few of these links outside the town’s Green Party.

In October 08 Matt created both the regional map and the Transition East GoogleGroup, which he continues to maintain. This was one of the early elements in the development of the Transition East regional network. If anyone would like help in any way to keep the regional map updated please get in touch.

Contact Person:
Matt Walker
Tel: 07720 142 047

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