Sunday 28 October 2012

BUNGAY - Happy Monday at the Community Kitchen - 19 November

The main attraction of community meals is their convivial and celebratory nature. It’s not often you can cook for and sit down with 50 people for supper, and food, with its roots in the land and evocative flavours, brings us all together in a way that dry discussions about climate and behaviour change can never do.

There is big sustainable thinking behind every dish at Happy Mondays. All the key Transition subjects, including peak oil and the gift economy, are on the table among the neighbourhood flowers. Even though our dishes are often global (Greek, Moroccan, Indian), nearly all the ingredients are locally-sourced and seasonal. We are deliberately vegetarian to show how meals do not have to rely on resource-heavy meat or fish to be delicious and nutritious.

We are also organic where possible. Why? Because the pesticides used on most conventional crops are harmful to the soil, our bodies, wildlife and especially to bees.

Well-being is one of the principles of Happiness. In the kitchen everything is cooked from scratch and so is free from unhealthy industrial processing. Recipes and ingredients are discussed in detail, from the use of “dry” Italian rice (traditional paddy-grown “wet” rice creates high methane emissions) to whether Nick’s allotment maize would be ready for September’s Mexican fiesta. The more connected we are to what we eat and where we live the happier we are.

Happy Mondays next meal is on 19th November (bookings now open). We are having our Winter Solstice and Christmas Party on 21st December at the Community Centre (all welcome). Donation. Please bring festive food and drink! A new  SB Well-being, Art and Culture group is starting up in 2013. Do join us for a discussion about Well-being and the Conmmunity at our Green Drinks on 9th January.
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