Saturday 21 November 2009

Gathering the Gathering

One of the key observations made in our First Regional Document was from Shane Hughes of Transition Bedford. How to value and assess our achievements? was a question he felt that Transition groups needed to ask. The core group there were designing a series of events so that each one could build on what had gone before. We're hoping to do this with last week's Gathering.

During this week the Regional Support team have been putting together all the notes from the Open Space and Transition Troubleshooting sections and next week we'll make them available on the Transition East website.

You 'll be able to find out what was discussed, debated, decided at Making the Most of Food, How Many People are Enough? Converting Talk into Action, and How Best to Tell the Story of Transition through the Present Media and Culture? and a host of other intriguing subjects . . . we'll keep you posted!