Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Notes from the Gathering

Over the last week the Transition East Support Group have been compiling notes taken at our Second Regional Gathering in Diss on November 14. They have just been uploaded onto the Transition East website if you would like to have a closer look.

There is still work to do and we're missing notes from a couple of the sessions and don't yet have the transcripts of the Transition Troubleshooting post-it notes. Over the next week or so, as well as adding these missing sessions and notes, pictures and a more complete introduction will be up-loaded.

To whet your appetite the titles of the sessions are listed below!

Meanwhile news of our activities has gone nationwide. On Nov 17 a glowing report of the regional document was posted by Rob Hopkins on his Transition Culture blog entitled A Brilliant Look at What’s Rising in the East of England (that’s all 29 of us!).

Open Space session

Transition East Talks: attract speakers from outside a specific Transition Town, to give Transition a wider appeal. (John Webb - Letchworth)
Making the Most of Food:
exploring initiatives similar to the Fife diet, raising awareness about where our food comes from; supermarket waste; schools initiatives; Abundance schemes, foraging (James Lockley and Pippa Vine - Diss and Cambridge)
Complexity of insulation schemes:
this was about making sense of the bureaucracy surrounding lots of well-meaning council initiatives. (Glenn - Debenham)
Moving from core group to community involvement: what actions need to be taken?
(David Greenacre - Framlingham)
Making the most of renewable energy
(John Taylor – Ipswich)
Converting talk into action
(Nick Watts - Bungay) notes in
Scope of Transition groups
(James Thomas – Cambridge)
How many people are enough?
(Carol Hunter – Downham Market and Villages)
On-line Communications
(Gary Alexander- Diss)
How best to tell the story of Transition thorugh the present media/culture
(Charlotte Du Cann– Norwich)

Transition Troubleshooting

Run by the Transition East Support Group

Burn out and fall out
(Nigel McKean - Woodbridge)
Group Dynamics
(Gary Alexander - Diss)
Facing Difficult Lifestyle Challenges
(Mark Watson – Norwich/Bungay)
Engaging with Local Councils
(Jane Chittenden – Norwich)
Communications between groups and the media
(Charlotte Du Cann – Norwich/Bungay)

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